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Dental Complaints Service Review 2015–18 published

We have today published the Dental Complaints Service review 2015–18 which provides an overview of our performance against our key processes in helping patients to resolve complaints about private dental treatment.

The report provides statistics which highlight the progress and improvements we have made over this period. This includes a fall in the number of complaints received each year from 900 to 600, since the peak of our demand in 2009. Importantly, the number of FTP referrals have also fallen from 352 in 2015 to just 57 in 2018. Data is also provided on how enquiries were signposted, case resolution time and complaint types. 

Case studies are included within the report, which are intended to highlight the types of complaints that are raised with the DCS and the potential outcomes that can be reached.

We are also very pleased to include quotes from key stakeholders such as the Dental Defence Union, British Dental Association and Dental Protection, as well as feedback from dental professionals and patients, which highlight the positive impact that the impartial service we provide has made in handling the resolution of complaints.

Michelle Williams, Head of DCS Operations, said:

“We are very happy to provide such as positive account of the progress the DCS has made from 2015 to 2018. We have now helped to resolve more than 5,000 complaints and assisted with over 19,000 enquiries, whilst remaining committed to our ethos: to be impartial, fair and free.

“I would like to thank the DCS team for their hard work and commitment, as well as the dental profession and the indemnifiers who engage with us to enable patients to raise their complaints and find a route to resolution. Without your co-operation our service could not succeed, leaving private patients with no impartial means of resolving their complaint when they are unable to resolve it with the dental professional themselves.”

Dental Complaints Service Review 2015-18

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