What we can help with

If a patient has a complaint about the private service or treatment they have received in the UK, but has been unable to resolve this with the dental professional, we may be able to help.

We can look into private complaints that are raised with us within 12 months of the treatment taking place or within 12 months of the patient becoming aware that they have something to complain about.

We may be able to assist patients in seeking:

  • An explanation and/or apology for what has happened.
  • A full or partial refund of fees in relation to the failed treatment.
  • Remedial treatment from their dental professional, if both parties are in agreement.
  • A contribution towards remedial treatment so that the work can be completed by another dental professional at the same practice or at an alternative practice.


What we can't help with

We are unable to assist with:
  • Any private complaint that the patient has been aware of for over 12 months and has not raised with us during that time.
  • Complaints about NHS treatment.
  • Compensation i.e. loss of earnings, pain and suffering, etc.
  • Complaints about the ability or behaviour of a dental professional.
  • Any clinical matters i.e. whether the correct treatment was carried out or answer any treatment related questions.
  • Complaints involving dental professionals who are not registered with the General Dental Council.
  • Complaints involving practice employees who are not registered with the General Dental Council such as practice managers and receptionists.
  • Complaints involving dental treatment provided under a private patient plan.
  • Staff matters such as recruitment, pay and discipline – for these matters we would recommend that you contact your indemnifiers for advice.

Find out more about who can help on the General Dental Council's website.​