Support for patients during the complaints process

We recognise that resolving dental complaints can be stressful and seem confusing. We want to do what we can to reduce this stress where possible. This involves:

  • being clear about what to expect from the Dental Complaints Service (DCS) when engaging with us – we will be publishing new guides for dental professionals and patients this year

  • ensuring we deliver the highest standard of customer care. We have developed a customer service charter that ensures our staff are clear about the standards of care our customers should expect

  • signposting people who are interacting with the Dental Complaints Service to expert organisations who can assist with their complaint if required. This commitment is set out in the General Dental Council's road map, Patients, Professionals, Partners, Performance.

We have worked in partnership with Samaritans to train DCS staff involved in the complaints resolution process to ensure they have the skills to help recognise where an individual may need additional support.

Everyone using the Dental Complaints Service will have a named contact to assist them with the resolution of their complaint. If you are involved with our impartial complaints resolution process and feel you would benefit from additional support, you can discuss this with your Complaints Officer and they can advise you where best to find help. 

We keep information relating to health and wellbeing confidential in line with data protection legislation. We may share this information with other organisations who can offer support, but we will discuss this with you first before doing so. 

Patients should be aware that in limited circumstances we may need to disclose information to the dental professional responsible for your complaint. If you have any questions about this, please raise these with your Complaints Officer.

You can find information about organisations that can provide you with the GDC website.