Our easy-to-use, three-step service assists in resolving matters

Step one

When patients contact us, we will always suggest that they contact you and give you the opportunity to resolve matters first. Our experience shows that dental professionals are keen to help and deal with any concerns that their patients may have.

Step Two

If you and the patient are unable to resolve the matter, our complaints officers will step in and work with both parties to try and reach a resolution. Our service is impartial therefore we do not take sides.

Step Three

If a resolution can’t be reached and both you and the patient are in agreement, we would arrange a panel meeting; this is the final stage of our complaints process.

The panel consists of two lay members and a dental professional. They will hear both sides of the complaint and work towards facilitating an amicable resolution between you and the patient. If an agreement can’t be reached, the panel will make a recommendation in order to resolve the complaint.​